IP68 Waterproof JOE-100 – The Variation

MEC JOE-100 Waterproof Charger

The waterproof JOE-100 is one of our best sellers with its high-impact plastics enclosure and the user-friendly features, and in 2021, it has gone through some major evolutions:

JOE-100 Twin Charger

The MEC JOE-100 Twin Charger consists of two 100W chargers stacking up internally to provide up to 205W power output (14.7V output voltage and 14A output current). The charger can be programmed for charging lead-based or lithium-based (LiFePO4 or any other Li-ions) batteries. Charge profiles can also be customized.

4 x JOE-100 Quadruple Bank Charger

From Twin to Quadruple. The MEC 4 x JOE-100 charger is our very first device which can charge four individual battery packs all at the same time. The quadruple banks charger has a 67.2V1.4A output per channel; while input can be either 220VAC or 350VDC, with the two options to facilitate your needs. Contact us for a sample to experience the time-saving mode now.

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