24V / 200Ah (for Trailers)

Product Description

Specially designed for heavy-loaded trucks or warehouse vehicles, the IP50 LiFePO4 battery pack equipped with smart battery management system (BMS) ensures stable and efficient charging and discharging performance. It can be charged by a lithium-based battery charger. Optional CAN-Bus interface and original system from MEC the manufacturer available.

  • Passive cooling
  • Automatic passive cell balancing
  • IP50 total dust protection for the harsh industrial environment
  • >2,000 Cycles at 80% depth of discharge
  • Auto heating mechanism at low temperature (optional)
  • Automatic protection against overcharge or over-discharge
  • Automatic shut-off at unsafe temperatures
  • Data logging for cell monitoring (performance, state of health)
  • Warning indicators (LED and buzzer) at low energy state
  • Relatively lightweight yet powerful
  • Exceptional performance for your ultimate peace of mind
  • Emission-free; help reduce carbon footprint
  • Extremely safe and user-friendly
Trailers, Scissor Lifts, Solar Energy Storage
Technical Specifications
Model24V/200Ah LiFePO4 Battery
Cell Chemistry3.2V/100Ah LiFePO4 Cells
Cell Configuration 8S2P
Rated Capacity (Ah) 200Ah @0.2C Discharge Rate
Nominal Voltage (V)25.6V
Rated Energy (kWh)5.12kWh
Voltage Range (V)20.0V – 28.8V
Cycle Life>2000 cycles with 80% discharge depth at 25°C
Standard Charge Current (A)0.2C/40A (Constant Current Charging)
Max. Charge Current (A)0.5C/100A (Constant Current Charging)
Charge Condition@0°C to 45°C
Standard Discharge Current (A)0.5C/100A (Constant Current Discharge)
Max. Discharge Current (A)1C/200A (Constant Current Discharge)
Discharge Condition@-10°C to 60°C
Battery Management & Communication
Battery ManagementBattery Management System with cell balancing and CAN-Interface
Cell Monitoring Data logging for cell performance, state of health or maintenance
Protection / Durability
Heat DissipationPassive Cooling
Cell Balancing Automatic (Passive)
Safety FunctionsOvercharge, over-discharge, over-current and unsafe operating temperature protection
Heating system (optional)Available upon request
Enclosure & Terminals
Enclosure2.0mm iron sheet, electro-plated and powder coated
IP-Protection ClassIP50
Dimensions & Weight 520x420x246mm / 60kg
Charge- and Discharging TerminalsOpened-ended screw terminals
MaintenanceThe battery pack should be charged and discharged fully once every 3-month.
Storage Condition @ -20°C to 25°CCan be kept for 3 months at 50% capacity
Storage Condition @ -20°C to 45°CCan be kept for 1 month at 50% capacity
Warranty & Certificates
Warranty3 Years